Flatbed cutting

Flatbed cutting

We work with a universal workstation, SUMMA F2630.

If the printed material is marked with reference points for laser and camera, cutting can be madewithout any human interaction.

Our apparatus is capable of cutting, perforating and other well defined work for the advertising or plastic industry.

The entire cutting bed is vacuum capable to hold down materials as big as 2600 mm x 3050 mm or rolls with the same width.

The SUMMA F2630 cuting machine is in a special room where we can work with sheets as big as 6000×2000 mm.


  • technical drawing with pen
  • cutting of foil or other rolled materials
  • creative paper and carton cutting
  • creasing
  • foam or soft material cutting with V blade
  • cutting with fixed blades
  • vibroblade cutting
  • CNC cutting


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